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Family tradition and craftsmanship from the heart of Arkansas

Lazy Dog Calls, like so many things, was born out of necessity.

James “Bubba” Scott, Sr. was an avid outdoorsman who loved most all types of fishing and hunting. Specifically, his heart’s true love was for duck hunting. As an Arkansas native, Bubba was fortunate enough to have some of the world’s best opportunities to hunt ducks right at home. Time, however, was not on Bubba’s side when it came to his health. As symptoms of emphysema and COPD began to rob Bubba of the capacity to effectively use commercially made duck calls, he made up his mind to design and turn his own call.

Armed with little more than a high school workshop class worth of training and a natural knack for woodwork, Bubba set out to produce a call that required significantly less air from the user but still rang out in a song irresistible to ducks. Bubba worked in his small shop at home, always with his chocolate Labrador, “Bud” by his side. As his master spent countless hours designing, turning and tuning calls, Bud took his sidekick job very seriously and offered moral support by sleeping soundly at Bubba’s feet. Following a particularly long evening of time at the lathe, Bubba locked up shop and went inside where he and his wife, Lillian, began to settle in for the night. Bud, however, was nowhere to be found. Bubba, realizing quickly what had happened, went back outside, unlocked his shop and opened the doors to retrieve his still snoozing partner. As the mildly amused master and sufficiently embarrassed pooch made their way into the house, Lillian remarked, “Man that is one LAZY dog...” And just like that, Bubba’s work became known as “Lazy Dog Calls.”

In 2011, Bubba stood side by side with his son Jay and coached him through his first real turn at the lathe. A single finished call was all it took and Jay was as in love with the craft as his father was. Bubba pushed his son to learn more about their shared craft and to take pride in the calls he produced. He inspired Jay in only the way a father can; sometimes with words of praise and sometimes with harsh criticism that needed to be given. In 2012, confident in his son’s capabilities and drive, Bubba handed over Lazy Dog Calls to Jay. When Bubba passed away in October 2015, it was with Jay’s promise to carry on and build upon all his father had taught him with regard to call making.

Lazy Dog Calls continues to grow and evolve as a whole and Jay continues to learn as a call maker. Every Lazy Dog call is one hundred percent hand turned and tuned with both style and function in mind. When a finished Lazy Dog Call goes out to its new owner, a piece of a father’s instruction and a whole lot of heart goes along with it. That’s how Jay, through Lazy Dog Calls, is turning memories into a call at a time.
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items