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Riceland Custom Calls

Riceland Custom Calls were created in 2010 by James Meyers and Bill Daniels. Their goal was to make user-friendly calls and now we are offering their calls in the best materials available. Riceland custom calls have won several world and many state and local titles.  Their following is second to none, die hards who hunt bar belly geese know, Riceland produces results! 

Speck and Snow

Our Championship Snow and Speck goose calls have machined 5/8 " guts or optional 3/4" guts with an open bore at the insert. All calls are hand filed and tuned by James Meyers and Bill Daniels.  Riceland Speck calls are world renowned for being some of the best calls you could possibly use and own.  While each call is worthy of a spot on a shelf for your collection, the sound beckons to have a spot on your lanyard.  Crisp sounds, great speed and versatility,  not many can match Riceland.   

Riceland Meat Duck Call

Newly redesigned in 2017, the Riceland Meat duck call is offered in either a single or double reed, offering a sound to fit any need.  Built to hunt, these calls produce all the sounds you need and expect from a fine duck call.  

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items