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Coon Creek Micarta “Grunter and Griper”

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New to the small-shop market is the Coon Creek “Grunter and Griper”! Mr. Dustin Turner has worked night and day on developing his own toneboard for these calls. You won’t find plastic guts or flimsy plastic tubes to contend with, only craftsmanship. 

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Turned from brown canvas micarta, this is the deer call that will do it all! Simply by adjusting the o-ring on the toneboard, the hunter can recreate the grunt of a buck looking to establish his territory or the sweet sound of a fawn/doe bleat. This is a call that will produce results and be an heirloom in your collection.

*First order placed will receive toneboard #1 from Coon Creek

*#1 is sold and will be heading to its new home in NC!

*Subsequent orders may require additional processing time and will be allowed to backorder. 

*Each toneboard will be numbered by Mr. Turner